The Next Drop Off podcast is a platform designed to unite Literature Evangelists around the world. Samuel and Smerdis both share a passion for canvassing, but they're not the only ones! Maybe you do too, and that's why we exist, to unite all canvassers who have a burning desire to share the love of Jesus through the printed page. 


Canvassing isn't easy, it can get difficult at times, so we're here to bring you through the rough patches, and stand with you on the mountain top. We like to think of canvassers as belonging to a special part of God's Army, particularly the frontlines. If you've ever canvassed then you know that it is a battle, both for you and the people you talk to each day.

Here on The Next Drop Off podcast, you will find Spirit-filled inspiration that will give you victory on and off the field. That's our commitment to you! We are one body, one family, one army in Christ!